Comfort zone – why you should break out and try new things

Great things never came from comfort zones

A term which is frequently used in many parts of life is the comfort zone. But still I really have to reflect on it to find my own definition. What I know from now is that my comfort zone was widening out in the last couple of years. And often it likes to play a game with me and test my patience with the success of my inner development. Let’s first of all have a look on it, there we go: when I say comfort zone, I am talking about a certain, clearly defined area in my life which I imagine as a totally safe and easygoing place. It is warm, quiet, stress-free and all in all common there. I don’t have to fear something unexpected because I am used to it all.

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Thought experiment – when money wouldn’t have any relevance in our life

We only have this one life. Money and materialstic things have a big role within it. Of course we need it to run our daily life, pay our rent, buy food and cloths and enjoy more entertainment.
There was a time in my life where I thought that having a beautiful loft house, an Audi A5 Coupé and much money on my bank account would be satisfying.
In the moment when I would get it, I would surely feel happiness!! But human being is a creature of habit, so it wouldn’t be long lasting. Find out what is more relevant by watching this video:


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School of Life – about great lessions and how to keep them up in daily life!

Life is crazy. Many years ago there was this one day where you faced one of your biggest challenges. You were waiting for the starting signal to take part in the race against 100 millions of sperm. Congrats!!! You won it, your mum became pregnant and nine months later you saw the light of day. Not knowing what life can and will offer you during your lifetime.

And now you are sitting in front of your electronic device and reading this – crazy life!!!

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Making a decision – Why is it so difficult to make the right decision nowadays?

Don’t let yourself district by all of these billion options – Feel more, think less and you will be on the right path

When I was young, I was pretty sure about which ice cream to choose during summer season. It was the oldie but goldie: Vanilla. Visiting an ice cream parlour today has become quite a mess for me. Well, I have the comfort to choose between forty different ice cream flavours: Caramel Cookie, Oreo Crisps, Strawberry Cheesecake, Snickers, Smarties and so on. Don’t get me wrong, I mean it’s awesome! But I want to be honest to you. That’s too much for me. I feel like making 39 potential wrong decisions by choosing the “boring” Vanilla. It is the same ice cream as fifteen years ago with the only difference that I have too many options.

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