About Me

Pic from MeTo tell the truth, sometimes it would be very charming to be just a normal guy. But to put it in a nutshell I guess that life would be too boring for me then. And who defines what is normal? Charles Addams once said that “Normal is an illusion” and I think this is deeply true.

So, I am Arash, 24 years old, currently living in the most beautiful city in Germany called Cologne and anything but normal. Recently I finished my studies in business management and worked professional in several commercial areas. I think this is enough bla bla for the beginning 😀

More important to know is that I am:

  • an optimist
  • a childlike enthusiast
  • a globetrotter and travel junk
  • a meaning seeker and a wannabe philosopher
  • a day dreamer
  • a nature lover
  • excited in every human being, every lifestyle, every culture and
  • just in love with the world.

What I want to say is that I deeply appreciate the contact with everyone who is willing to share his or her thoughts with me. Whether you have suggestions, criticism, feedback or questions – just contact me! Thank you for taking your time.