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We rush through life. We have more stress but in the same moment less time to get things done. But we are human beings and no robots. It is essential to be more conscious about ourselves and also our surroundings. Because if we look at the world, it is just stunning: amazing individuals living in unique cultures and systems, surrounded by the beauty of our nature. There is so much to learn from each other and even more to enjoy us. Making our world a little bit more colourful is the aim of Colourful Sunday.

True inspiration always starts with deeper insights and this blog shares those topics with you on a weekly basis. You are welcome to join the community, discuss critically and abandon yourself to the impulses you feel.

Use the Sunday to shot down everything around you and to open the door to a new, colourful world.

I hope you enjoy reading it!




  • Arash Wahedi

    Udaipur is awesome and well-known for its romantic atmosphere. In the middle of the chaotic India it was a place full of peace and relax. I can understand that it might be a place for your retirement. I have to say that I want to spend my retirement somewhere near a nice beach :)

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