The magic of a good conversation

Having a nice talk to someone means so much to me. It gives me a unique opportunity to understand certain topics and the people behind it. You can get a new point of view which is really valuable for your self-development.

Day after day we are in continuous communication with everyone we are surrounded with in a active and passive way. Imagine how incredible it is: every day you are talking to so many different people; your parents, children, close friends, acquaintances, boss, colleagues at work, customers, neighbours, waiter, strangers and so on.

Alright, now lets have a look at a conversation it self. It is one-of-a-kind and never ever happen in this very unique way once again. The reason for it is that you and your interlocutor are the way you are in this very special moment. Both are full of past experiences, knowledge, desires, hopes and expectations. And these can change daily as you might have noticed.

For millions of years, mankind lived just like the animals. Then something happened which unleashed the power of our imagination. We learned to talk and we learned to listen. Speech has allowed the communication of ideas, enabling human beings to work together to build the impossible. Mankind’s greatest achievements have come about by talking, and its greatest failures by not talking. – Stephen Hawking

Maybe this kind of situation is familiar to you: you want to talk to your professor or boss about a topic which is really important to you. So you got prepered, consider plan A and B and then you are ready for it. The day comes and you meet for the talk. After a few minutes you have to realize that your interlocutor is not even rudimentary aware about the importance of this conversation. Why? Because you both had different hopes and expectations related to it.

And also this is continously changing and makes every conversation so unique and exciting!!! So appreciate it and deal with it like this.

I am personally overwhelmed by the magic of a conversation. I simply love it. Of course I also love to talk (haha you know it) but I even more want to listen to others. The way the people speak and their connection between their eyes and their spoken word. How they try to find the perfect word to describe what they think and feel. There is nothing better then a real and good talk. These kind of conversations that you had and think about when you go to sleep and have a big smile on your face. Probably you will know that I mean. Every conversation can teach you so great things.




Regarding to this digital world you might also have noticed that too many people are sitting somewhere with their friends and using their smartphones at the same time. Surely, we are rushing through the world and want to get things done easily and fast. But multi-tasking is a killer for every conversation. Please guys – focus on the conversation and you will be highly effected by the conversation. Share your thoughts, reflect the opinion of your counterpart and simply have a nice talk! Because every good conversation will add value to your unique relationship and can be seed for a prospectively relation.

Thinking about my life brings me to the point that I really appreciate meeting so many wonderful people to talk to. Some of them had and still have a big influence on the way I see the world. In the future I want to fully focus on my counterpart and really listen to everything said and meant.

Have a blessed Sunday! And maybe some nice talks.

What was one of your really nice and unforgotten talks?

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  • Lucia

    Beautiful post Ari!! A conversation is a beautiful thing and I am reminded of all the wonderful ones we have shared. There will be more in the future. I like when you talked about setting up a conversation in your head and then in real life it turns into something different. You can’t predict what others will think or feel and the only way to find out is by being open and listening. I had a great Sunday and hope you did too! :)

    • Arash Wahedi

      I appreciate your words so much. Our talks have been really awesome and I am looking forward for more of it! Yes, we can just imagine what our counterpart is thinking but a nice talk can give us clearness and inspiration. My sunday was awesome 😀 see you!

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