My easy way to switch-off from everyday life – make a short trip!

We are living in a super fast moving world. Between all of these influences, responsibilities, to-do lists and daily rush we don’t take a short time for ourselves. But to have a well-balanced life it is essential to have a rest – to shut down the systems, take a deep breath and feel good.

So, take a bus, a train, an airplane or your car and make a short trip! Move off and visit some lovely friends in a city nearby, be spontaneous and don’t plan anything when you get there. Just get inspired by the city, the way the people live their lifes, by your friends and strangers who might be new friends.

I did it this weekend and just came back from Hannover. A little hangover but ready to share it with you :)
It cost me incredible 1 (!!!) euro to get from Cologne there by And it took me five jittery hours to get there and meet my close friends, who I know from the last year in Thailand.

2pm – hello Hannover! Four hearty embraces, five warm beers and we are on our way to the next supermarket to buy fresh barbecue meat. Then we went to a park and had an awesome, sunny day! Meat, beer, frisbee, volleyball and relaxed music. And the best buddies around – do you need anything else?! The whole weekend became even better by the minute.

Crazy shit. The pure freedom was just a five hours bus ride away. It was not because of Hannover but because of my lovely buddies!! Deep talks, extremely funny situations, delicious food, amazing parties and many many smiling faces. 😀 😀 😀

You know, I became aware that appreciation has a significant effect on the way you enjoy a moment and you can really get away from it all for this time. In my opinion this is indispensible to recharge your batteries and face your challenges with a clear mind.

For example, I am personally thinking often about the future and imagine how it will be. To be honest, nobody knows. So, when I was in Hannover, my friend Dima offered us his bed and he slept on an uncomfortable 1,50×1,00 meter couch for two nights. I really appreciate it because he did it from his heart and not because we would perhaps expect it as a part of hospitality. I appreciate this kindness so much!!! So I stoped to imagine how the future could be (with all the uncertainties) and purely hope to spend my future with these close friends. THANK YOU guys!!

Friends, make a short trip to a new city and surprise your friends there. It is cheap, it gives you power and after that you can go back to your home town and get your things done! Good luck and a nice start into the week :-)

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