Making a decision – Why is it so difficult to make the right decision nowadays?

Don’t let yourself district by all of these billion options – Feel more, think less and you will be on the right path

When I was young, I was pretty sure about which ice cream to choose during summer season. It was the oldie but goldie: Vanilla. Visiting an ice cream parlour today has become quite a mess for me. Well, I have the comfort to choose between forty different ice cream flavours: Caramel Cookie, Oreo Crisps, Strawberry Cheesecake, Snickers, Smarties and so on. Don’t get me wrong, I mean it’s awesome! But I want to be honest to you. That’s too much for me. I feel like making 39 potential wrong decisions by choosing the “boring” Vanilla. It is the same ice cream as fifteen years ago with the only difference that I have too many options.

This is just one simple example for all the phenomenons in our daily life. It is not surprising that we are called the Generation Maybe. But for me, it is definitely more than that. Sometimes it even feels like an illness to decide, even when it refers to unimportant stuff. It is obvious that the universe gives us so many choices and options which make us feel afraid. We are afraid to decide because we fear the consequences of feeling wrong about the past decisions. Should I have taken one of the other millions of billions options? I often felt the same way! I was unsecure and confused so I tried hardly to keep as many options as possible. For this reason I told everyone who asked, that I will OF COURSE join the BBQ, join the party, join the cinema visit, join the pub tour. For sure I planned all these things for one evening on the weekend; and I did so for a few years.

One day, I was sitting drunk in a bar and I suddenly realized that I am unhappy with this way of life. I was controlled by fear: the fear of making wrong decisions, the fear of missing something pretended to be awesome and the fear of saying NO.

Stop! I don’t want to live a life of an unfulfilled slave anymore. I must change the way of my decision making. Now you are maybe questioning yourself how? Let’s go to the moment when new opportunities cross your way and it is time to make a decision. Exactly in the moment when you hear of the options, there is a deep feeling trying to tell you which one fits best. Call it feeling, inner voice, gut instinct or whatever. The only thing that matters is that you don’t ignore it! Only this moment will tell you whats really right or wrong for you.

If you have the feeling that you are not well connected to your inner voice, let me show how to access easily to it:

Sometimes you are just faced with bigger issues where just one decision can have significant consequences on a long-term view. For example when you try to find out the right study program or the right job for you, it gets really hard to decide. The solution is quite simple: flip a coin. Let’s take the example of two possibly study programs that you are undecided of. Study program A is head, study program B is tail. Now you gonna close your eyes and flip the coin. At the short moment when you toss the coin you will deeply have a huge wish for one of both alternatives. Trust it and take it – this will be the right path to go for you.

“Waiting hurts. Forgetting hurts.
But not knowing which decision
to take can sometimes be the
most painful.” (José N. Harris)

Friends, the world is beautiful. A few centuries ago we were born and raised as a bakers son, we lived as a baker and we died as a baker. Now the world is open to almost all of us and offers us incredible possibilities to live a happy life! So, see it positive and don’t get confused by all of these options, but focus on those which are in line with your inner voice. The key to limitless happiness is to FEEL MORE and THINK LESS.

Have a blessed day!

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  • Sharon

    well said. I hate decision making too especially when you know it will affect your life experience.

    • Arash Wahedi

      Hi Sharon,
      thanks for sharing your thought. If one decision will have a high effect on your life, you should even more hear to your inner voice! A wrong decision can fret you for years, so follow your heart :-)

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