Waiting for my flight to Barcelona


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While I was writing this, I am sitting at the Cologne Airport waiting for my flight to Barcelona.

For me, airports are one of the most impressive and exciting places in the whole world! Millions of people leave for and arrive at thousands of destinations. I am watching the lane of the security control and this picture seems to me more colourful than a peacock – backpackers, flashpackers, bachelors, honeymoon couples, families and business people one after the other. Hopefully you can imagine this 😀

You know; the funny thing is that even when there is this HUGE diversity, there is this very special thing which connects everyone who’s at this airport – everyone is striving for a better life! Here are some possible reasons why people are at the airport:

  • trying to get their dream job in another city
  • dating someone very special or being with their love again
  • to have a stressfree time abroad and follow the sun
  • to explore a new city and have some chilled days (me)
  • to start a long awaited journey full of adventures, freedom and inspiration
  • and so on… this list could be endless as you know

In particular, everyone is at the airport because he/she is convinced that this flight will help to lead a better life.

In the middle of this crowd, I am sitting and waiting for my delayed flight to Barcelona. Ready to have a good time, meet cool people and especially to enjoy the sun and the atmosphere of Barcelona!

Next to me is this departure schedule which lists up AMAZING places of the world. Don’t get me wrong because it would be really exciting to travel to Rome, Amsterdam, Buenos Aires, New York, Hong Kong or whereever… But for now, I just wanna have a few days in Barcelona and then go back home. I write the word “home” and I mean one specific place in this world, Cologne. A few months ago this wouldn’t be that easy – wheather to think nor to say. But now I feel more ready to settle down in a certain place, so I am pursing (hopefully successful) for a better life!

Have a nice evening and start your monday as wonderful and charming as you would like to have it.

Cheers – back from home :)

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