Why you should start your day without your smartphone

Day by day we spend more than two hours on our smartphone. We have a look on our device more than 150 times per day. However, this revolutionary technology is a huge step forward. But at the same time I feel sometimes a tough step back for the human world. Especially when I enter a train, a restaurant or a bar, I recognize that many people are watching their phones all the time instead of talking to their friends or even perceive the environment. I think that the fact that we simplified our lifes goes hand-in-hand with limitations.

For instance, let’s compare the past with the presence: ten years ago we had an alarm, a pen, some paper, a watch and a calendar in our bag. Now we just need one device. Please do not get me wrong – it is awesome, comfortable and really supports our daily life. But where is the limit? You have to find it out for yourself but remind one thing:

Dont start your day in the early morning with your smartphone. I guess that this is usual for all of us. We stop the annoying sound of the alarm App and the first thing that we do is to check WhatsApp, Facebook and our Mails. Our sleep feels like a gap of being totally unaware. So, when we wake up we MUST check everything to make sure that we haven’t missed something. This is insane.

Because I am convinced that your day is YOUR DAY. Unique, flexible, full of surprises, beautiful. And it should stay that way. So start your day with a clear mind and a focus on your day goals, your mindset and your thoughts. Let’s be honest – this is too often destroyed by our inner obligation to „check our phone for a second“ and get lost in messages, posts, pictures, news…. directly after waking up.

Please remember that you will have the whole day to do this, if you like to do so. So do not overwhelm yourself by things which discourage you from YOUR FOCUS!

If it feels hard for you to stop surfing in the early morning?! Use these advices:

  1. There is an App called Menthal which tracks your smartphone activities and can help to open your eyes: https://menthal.org/
  2. Buy yourself an alarm, so you will not hold your smartphone in your hand when you wake up
  3. Stop chatting before you go to bed. Then you will not have the feeling of missing any answers/messages when you are awake.

What do you thing about the Smartphone consumption? Tell us what you think in the comment field! :)

Wish you a sunny and colourful Sunday.

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