Loosing pictures – keeping memories

Many people connect travelling to the feeling of pure freedom. You can do whatever you like, spend time wherever you wish and be with whoever you like. Awesome!

Life is only as good as the memories we make. (The Ataris)

While travelling I also thought to be free – especially free of other opinions and free of social pressures. But when I lost my phone I actually realized that the freedom I was believing to live in, was different than it seemed to be. Actually I didn’t care so much about the monetary value of the phone (even it was an expensive one) or the contacts that were saved on my card – I was just really really upset about all the pictures and memories that I lost. At that moment I started to think about the relation of pictures and memories.

So I came to the conclusion that nowadays we create a dependence between pictures and memories – but exactly this is a bigggggggg mistake. Whether we have been to the mystical Taj Mahal, in front of the overwhelming skyline of Hongkong or the stunning Maya Bay in Thailand. The first thing that we always did was to pull out our cameras/phones and to start making pictures. Because we are afraid of loosing memories we focus too much on creating the memory in form of pictures rather then enjoying the moment in the presence. So we are hardly inhibit ourselves to experience full freedom and joy. But why?

I think that we are deeply struggling with two main issues:

1. we are afraid to forget what we have experienced

2. we consider it as our duty to show others how wonderful our life is.

But let’s be realistic. In the end your picture is nothing else than one of thousand posted pictures in the social media world. I don’t know how you feel about it, but when I am on Facebook I am wondering why all my friends have such a perfect life. At that point I asked myself if a picture which is meant to “confirm” my wonderful life is really worth to loose my total awareness of this particular moment in real-life.

All in all, my learning from the loss of my phone is that memories will be kept for a lifetime when you start to focus on the moment itself and not on the perfect picture.

So, loose pictures but keep memories.

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