Namaste – impressions of the overwhelming world of India

Puh… How shall I start!? My friends and family are asking me about my impressions of India. I have no idea what to think, to feel or to tell.

What about starting with a few facts about India? It is the seventh largest country by land with more than 1.2 billion inhabitants. That’s what the official stats say. Actually, every world’s sixth person lives in India. While lots of European countries have to struggle with signifcant decreasing population, India reachs more than 21% growth per year!! You see way more babys as you’ve ever seen for example in Germany. India is well known for its very diverse culture including many different ethical groups, religions and regions with specific landscapes such as the Himalaya mountains, the desert of Rajasthan or the tropical South.
But to put it in my own words: India is crazy! It is unique, breathtaking, disturbing, disgusting, super dirty, different and beautiful at the same time. But it’s especially overwhelming! In fact even millions of words couldn’t describe India.

After a few travel experiences in the last couple of years I must say that India is the only country where I have been and I where I cannot form a clear opinion. I usually know very well whether I like the visited country – after a few days. 

But India is different! A country full of contrasts which presents every single day a completely new face. 

On one day I love it for its variety, its colours, its simplicity and its spirituality. On the other day I hate it for its poverty, its circumstances and its huge gap between rags and riches. 

What is the resume after a few days in India? Say goodbye to the idea of a constant opinion and realize that every single hour will bring something unexpected, shocking and somehow beautiful. Far away from any comfort zones and habitual everyday life I just feel alive.

The Indians use to say “five fingers are not the same” – it’s simple but deeply true. It is often so crowded that you cannot differ one from another. You arrive at train stations and you’re overwelhmed by hundreds of Tuk-Tuk drivers, cheaters, sellers and so on.  But still – while talking to locals – you get inspired by their unique, funny, bollywood-kitschy life story. So they are definitely not the same!         

No matter if it is about a romantic Rajasthani muslim who tries to get married with his dreamgirl who he met on Facebook; 

A couple from different casts who escaped from their families because they were against their wedding;

Or an enthusiastic Maths teacher who is totally convinced from the work of the Indian Prime Minister and a better future for whole India…

Too many stories to tell, too many impressions to share and too less words  to express.

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