Life is a book – A new chapter starts

Often life is compared with so many things.

Life is a rose.

Life is a highway.

Life is a journey.

Life is a party.

I think that it is all true – each one separately.

But for me: life is a book!

Imagine that every human writes his own book of life. Currently over seven billion people spread all over the world, writing enthusiastic their own Beststeller!! Multiplicated with the fact that we live for over 2,600,000 years on mother earth it is unbelievable… And now think about this huuuuuuge mountain of books with pages full of dreams, aims, hopes, journeys, experiences – and all of them are unique. I don’t believe that our own book of life has to be visible on this mountain. It is more important that you write and read consciously and become a master of your own life.

My life feels like one of those books which I am not willing to be placed out of my hand. I am deeply grateful for the way I can live my life. Every chapter has its signficant role in the whole story and illustrates a part-time of your life. And today I really feel that this very special, unique, wonderful chapter will end. This chapter was full of wonderful, magical ups and very shaping downs. A chapter which I am really in love with. At the same time I know that this chapter will be closed now and thereby a new one will start.

Of course; partly I am afraid about to close it because I have absolutely NO IDEA what to expect from the new chapter. But maybe this is exactly my way to satisfaction and the fruit of life. No one knows where, how and why our own story will end. In former times this was a feeling of fear and discomfort. But today it is different! I feel perfection in imperfection, I see clear that I made the best out of this chapter and I feel confidence when I think about my future. I am so curious to know what life will offer me, how I will design my own life and how I will deal with change.

The fact that I am the writer of my own life is something really responsible and one-of-a-kind.

When will you start to write a new chapter?

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