Waiting for my flight to Barcelona


Source: www.paulickreport.com

While I was writing this, I am sitting at the Cologne Airport waiting for my flight to Barcelona.

For me, airports are one of the most impressive and exciting places in the whole world! Millions of people leave for and arrive at thousands of destinations. I am watching the lane of the security control and this picture seems to me more colourful than a peacock – backpackers, flashpackers, bachelors, honeymoon couples, families and business people one after the other. Hopefully you can imagine this 😀

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Why you should start your day without your smartphone

Day by day we spend more than two hours on our smartphone. We have a look on our device more than 150 times per day. However, this revolutionary technology is a huge step forward. But at the same time I feel sometimes a tough step back for the human world. Especially when I enter a train, a restaurant or a bar, I recognize that many people are watching their phones all the time instead of talking to their friends or even perceive the environment. I think that the fact that we simplified our lifes goes hand-in-hand with limitations.

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