Waiting for my flight to Barcelona


Source: www.paulickreport.com

While I was writing this, I am sitting at the Cologne Airport waiting for my flight to Barcelona.

For me, airports are one of the most impressive and exciting places in the whole world! Millions of people leave for and arrive at thousands of destinations. I am watching the lane of the security control and this picture seems to me more colourful than a peacock – backpackers, flashpackers, bachelors, honeymoon couples, families and business people one after the other. Hopefully you can imagine this 😀

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Loosing pictures – keeping memories

Many people connect travelling to the feeling of pure freedom. You can do whatever you like, spend time wherever you wish and be with whoever you like. Awesome! Life is only as good as the memories we make. (The Ataris) While travelling I also thought to be free – especially free of other opinions and

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